Lars tørressen


Formal education
Master in Architecture , Norwegian University of Science and Technology , Trondheim 1993
Glenn Murcutt Masterclass in Architecture, Sydney 2012
Summercourses in lutemaking at Birkagården Folkhøgskole, Stockholm /Marholmen 1990-91.

Further studies
Except from two summer courses with Arne Lindberg I am self taught in the art of lute making, seeking knowledge where I can find it, in museum collections, books, with
other luthiers and most important of all: using my ears and listen to the wood and response of instruments.

Supported by Lis & Arnfinn Hejes Fond, Skipsreder Tom Wilhelmsens stiftelse an Clara Lachmanns fond, I took on full time
self studies in lute making for one year in 1990 - 91.

This brought me to lute collections in museums around Europe and Ringve Museum in Trondheim where I measured and made technical drawings of instruments. I practiced the metods described by luthier Robert Lundberg. His instructions for tuning the soundboards have been my preferred method since then .

Doing my civil service at The Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance in Trondheim, I was able to continue this work. I made the instrument "Langeleik" and drawings for documentation of Norwegian folk dance tradition.

Since I play the lute myself, the way to make some responsive and easy to play instruments was short with the guidance from all the best teachers/musicians : Jacob Lindberg, Rolf Lislevand , Hopkinson Smith and Paul O`Dette. Understanding the connection between repertoire, style, zeitgeist and the instrument itself is important in my work. Meeting these world class musicians was of invaluable help for me in getting to where I am now.

I litterally grew up in a workshop, my grandfather Erling, was a skilled clock maker and machine engineer. My father Torstein also did a lot of woodwork, building boats for his own use, as well as amateur radio transmitters.

I made my first instrument at age 14 inspired by the late mountaineer and amateur lute player Per Vigerust who took me to a concert with Olav Strandberg.

In 1988 I made my first lute based on the book of Ian Harwood/Charles Ford, ed. My mentor the following years was Tom Håvar Pettersen - lutenist, tablature copyist and instrument maker in Oslo.
I made my first lute in 1988.                                                                                  Instruments  made by course members at Marholmen 1991.