Lars tørressen


11- course lute after Frei

SL 62 cm 11 ribs of larch. First made as a 10- course lute, then altered to 11-course by adding a treble rider. Right photos made before the conversion.
Instrument made in 1990 at Marholmen summer course. I will add a new 11-course lute model soon.

Colascione  after Mersenne

Inspired by the illustration in Mersenne´s  Harmonie Universelle, (Paris 1636) I built this colascione
in 2000
 for a duo project with Kristian Bauck-Nordeide. 16 tied frets on the neck  similar to Mersenne. 
SL 95cm 3 strings
11 ribs of shaded yew
Top: european spruce with inlaid pearwood  rose

Neck: Sycamore stained black with mother of pearl ornament.

Guitar after Joseph Pages   1811
Based on  Pages in Ringve Museum RMT 67/10 

To versions of this instrument, one in rosewood like the original, one in flamed mall,  made in 1991.
The rosewood guitar got a new top and fretboard in 1992. The maple version was sold to Rolf Lislevand
who played some concerts on it. You can buy the drawing I made here:   Vihuela 1989    Photo: Kristian Nordeide
My first vihuela based on an instrument made by the Swedish guitar maker Gummeson in the seventies.  7- course   lute, own design.

SL 64 cm  9 ribs of maple. Based on the lute I repaired for Frank Nordberg a year before, in 1988, see photo on "Repair service " page. Pegs of plum wood. Neck is alder with ebony veneer.
This was my first proper lute made the traditional way and a great learning process. I made it before I got the education at the Marholmen summer courses with the help from Tom Håvar Pettersen
in Oslo and with the experience from instrument repair.

5- course lute 
A solid, instrument with long neck and a penetrating sound made for folk and medieval music. Mahogany  ribs and red cedar top.
Made for Kristian Nordeide in 2000.

Medieval harp (left)
Made for Monica Haugan. Photo from masterclass with Andrew Lawrence King in Bremen 1989. ( Lutenist unknown) The big harp is not mine.