I will bring a new  Rawlins model  in maple to the "Instrumentmakerdagen" exhibition at Sentralen, Oslo, march 16.-17.
Following the succsess of the first Rawlins model in walnut I made for Kristian Nordeide, I go on with an instrument in maple. This time I choose the same material  as in the  the original instrument. The back and sides are beautiful 40 year old flamed maple. I use  a toothed planeblade. This tool effectively remove the difficult "flamed" grain without tearing off pieces. Traces left on the surface by this kind of blade are  often  seen inside old instruments. The new instrument will have a string length of 70 cm and tuned to e`.  This is slightly smaller than the "Sabionari" and "Hill", both string length at 74cm. Next week I will make the original rose design in pearwood and parchment. The instrument will be on sale in a few weeks. Want to try it out?  Please show up at our exhibition at Sentralen in Oslo, march 16-17.