On friday oct 26. I visited Ringve Musical Museum and took measurements for a new working drawing of this lute probably made by Joachim Tielke.
The outline and shape of the body of this swan neck lute RMT 87/31 bears resemlance to other lutes from Tielkes workshop. However the origin is uncertain. The shape and construction of the bowl is at least to my eye the part of the instrument that could be original. The body is also what I would like to study closer and make a copy of. The reason is that it seems quite shallow compared to other period instruments (around 1700) and that means a clear sound with focus that could be interesting to hear along a copy of let´s say a Martin Hoffmann lute.  The  broad soundboard at the bridge position also contributes to a loud sound from such an instrument.  Thanks to Ivar Roger Hansen, director at Ringve and his staff,  curator Verena Barth and  conservator Vera de Bruyn-Ouboter for the collaboration. It was a joy to work in their  workshop for a day! My measurements will soon be turned into a useful working drawing in scale 1:1.