This lute will soon leave my workshop to be played by a young student.
I get quite a few requests from beginners who need a lute, and prefers to hire one. Inspired by the English Lutesociety I offer four instruments now for loan against a modest fee to cover
the insurance. At the time of writing they are all on loan to enthusiastic players. 
For his instrument I re-use a light and resonant body made of 11 yew ribs. It came from a colascione, that I have decided to give a new more authentic size and shape. (more later) ..
I also follow an old practise of re-using rosettes , this one is from a vihuela. In this way I may complete this lute in a shorter time than normal.  The bridge also come from the vihuela. The rose is glued
in place from below a circular hole in the belly.  The spruce is something special, matured since the 1970 ties. Not exactly 1. class,  but very promising plain, decent tonewood.
Tuning the lute has to be fuzz free also for the aspiring lutenist. Peg material is plumwood and the pegholes are burnished with a special edge less reamer to offer 1. class tuning joy!