A new  soundboard in  4 pieces from split billets "cullin cliff" as Thomas Mace notes.
Damaged soundbord, what to do? Much has been said about 60- 70ties lute making, havy, light, sometimes overly light built lutes...construction, more often than not  deviated from historical principles. The 10c lute is overrepresentated from this period, at least in Norway. One lute fits all does not apply any longer as we cherish 6 and 7 course lutes for the wast repertoire.  I found this fine John Gorrett lute worthy of giving a new life due to its sounding  potential, lightly built and fine neck. It just feels right in your hands and the full shoulder shape and size  yields a wonderful sound.  63 cm is perfect for tuning i f´.  To sum up:  new soundboard, cleft bars, pegbox, nut  and bridge. Original  rose saved from the otherwise damaged belly.   Kapsberger!