My work the last week on two baroque guitars based on J. Massaguer 
The last weeks I have been busy preparing  for the main annual exhibition of musical instruments in Norway, the Instrumentmakerdagene 2020. ( Norsk Instrumentmakerforening).  One of these guitars is sold, the other will be offered on my website soon. I decided to make two guitars on the same mould. Varying the materials slightly makes for interesting comparisons. Both share the main construction principles, "archaic" construction heel block and neck in one piece, very thin (1,2mm) ebony/hardwood sides and a softer maple or walnut back. These guitars were originally made without transverse bars  at the bottom nor linings/cleats at the bottom. As time have shown, that was a bad decision as many of them have these features installed later. That said I will make one for the sake of authenticity in the future.  5 course baroque guitar in E string length 69cm tuned to a=415, Nylgut strings 4 course with copper wound Aquila type D string.  Roses by Elena Dal Cortivo, Milano.