Lars tørressen


Used colascione  with case.

FOR SALE  incl. case 1600 euro ex. VAT/   nok 19 000 inkl. mva

A very loud and resonant instrument due to the large body. Inspired by the illustration in Mersenne´s  Harmonie Universelle, (Paris 1636)
I built this colascione in 2000 for a duo project with Kristian Nordeide. 16 tied frets on the neck  similar to Mersenne.
SL 95cm 3 strings
11 ribs of shaded yew
Top: european spruce with inlaid pearwood  rose
Neck: Sycamore stained black with mother of pearl ornament.
The neck has been stable all these years. 
I will fit a new wood end button.