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Baroque and early guitars

Baroque guitar 69 cm  based on  Stradivarius " Rawlins"
PRICE  from 4400 euro ex. VAT/   nok 53 800 inkl. mva   (without case)

A light and resonant instrument with proper string length to have a sustained and singing "voice".

SL 69 cm , tuning:  e
Veight : 675g
Back and sides of flamed maple matured 40 yrs
Top: European spruce matured 19 yrs with inlaid bone ornaments in original design
Rose: I make my own to the original design in 3 layers of sheepskin parchment from W. Cowley, England.
Neck: Core of pine matured 120 yrs. Sycamore veneer and fillets to original "Sabionari" design.
Pegs in plum and peghead with core of boxwood with ebony / maple veneer and fillets to original "Sabionari" design.
Aquila nylgut strings type NNG and copper wound on 4th course. Aquila gut frets.

link to sound samples of this instrument:

Baroque guitar 65cm after Christopho Cocko, Venice 1602

Prices from  4000 euro ex. vat/ nok 48 900  inkl. mva , (without case)

The sound is intimate, crisp and resonant in a way that suits the solo repertoire and it responds well to different tunings like those used by Guerau and Sanz.

Based on instrument in Paris, Citè de la Musique / E.2090

SL 65cm tuning:  e
Back:  pear/cherry
Top:  european spruce
Neck: pear and ebony  veneer on spruce core.
Pegs: norwegian wild cherry
Bridge: pearwood stained black
Photos of  instrument from 1993
This instrument I have kept in my possession. I made it in 1993. This Italian baroque guitar was based on a drawing in the beautiful book by Kevin Coates "Geometry, Proportion and the Art of Luterie" I asked the library at the University to buy the book. My instrument is a copy of the originals geometry and size. I chose other materials for the back and sides, retaining the beautiful slender style but with a more minimalistic detailing keeping only the most basic features in ebony and mother of pearl. 

Baroque guitar 65 cm, anon, similar to Michel Lambert mid. 17th cent.

Prices from 2500 euro ex. vat, (without case) / nok  30 200  ink. mva

This instrument has a deep, resonant and light body made of walnut. This, and the broad lower bout, makes for a sonorous and percussive sound well suited for continuo work.

Based on a drawing by Paul Thomson feb-78
SL 64cm  tuning: e
Back: flamed maple/Valnut
Top: european spruce
Neck: stained mahogany
Pegs: sycamore stained black
Bridge: pearwood stained black
Photos of the instrument from 1993
Sold to Thomas Boysen

link to recording:èces-Viole/dp/B000B7W8ZW/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1529149164&sr=1-1&keywords=pandolfo+sainte-colombe
Thomas Boysen plays this instrument on the CD:
Paolo Pandolfo, Thomas Boysen ‎– Mr. de Sainte Colombe , Pièces de viole
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This guitar is a copy of the originals geometry and size. Compared to the original, I chose different materials for the body, retaining only a minimalist detailing and keeping the sound hole open as the original, although we may expect the rose is missing from the original instrument.

Guitar after Joseph Pages, Cadiz    1811
Price from 3400 euro ex. vat / nok 40 000 ink.mva   (without case)

Based on RMT 67/10 in the Ringve Museum

SL 63cm tuning: e
Back: maple
Top:  european spruce
Neck: stained mahogany
Pegs: sycamore stained black
Bridge: pearwood stained black
Photos of the instrument from 1991
The guitar RMT 67/10 in the Ringve Museum collection may well have started its life with 6 double strings as we know from other  instruments from this time and area.   My instrument is based on  the originals geometry and size but I made the fretboard flush with soundboard like other Pagez guitars and added a Panormo style bridge that one may question in hindsight.  I made two guitars like this, one in rosewood and one in maple.
Sold to Rolf Lislevand who played several concerts on it.