Lars tørressen


I will repair  instruments made with bone or hide glue  with the advantage that they  can be taken apart and re-glued. Don`t do as Mr. Barbetto seems to have in mind in this engraving, but contact me at.
I have experience in repairing instruments made by:

Bartiromo,  guitar ca 1850
Stephen Murphy 13-course lute 1979
Paul Thompson 6 course lute ca 1985
Francisco Hervas, Theorbo ca 1995
Jacob van de Geest, 8 course lute 1974
Chris Doodridge 10 c lute 1976
Steven Barber, 10 course lute 1980
Lourdes Uncilla Moreno, Baroque guitar ca 1990
Karl Kirchmeyr, baroque guitar 2010
Carel Huiskamp, Baroque lute and 8 course lutes ca 1990
Oliver Wadsvorth, 7 course lute and baroque guitar ca 1992
Simon Chadwick 8 course lute ca 1980

above:  From "Il Terctio Libro de Intavolatura de Liuto"  by Ivlio Caesaro Barbetto . Repair work on lute and baroqueguitar made by Oliver Wadsworth and lute by Stephen Barber.
above:  A minor repair on a very nice theorbo made by Francisco Hervas. Re -gluing a loose bar.   Right: adjusting the thickness of a  fretboard, (not the Hervas instrument) .
above: This lute disintegrated! Repair in 1988 on a very lightly constructed 8 course lute after Mahler,  made in England ca 1975?  "Musick´s Monument" - Thomas Mace,  London 1676  - extremely helpful!