Instrumentmakerdagen 2019 is an annual exhibition organized by members of the Norwegian instrument makers association.
I had the pleasure to present my work at this exhibition last weekend. My wife, Maria Molden helped me carry all instruments, organize my stand and shooting all photos. Thanks to Maria! I have been working hard on the last "Rawlins"  SL 69cm Stradivarius baroque  guitar and it was finished just in time with one coat of schellack. I got the feedback from the experts that the guitar is loud and clear, with an attractive sonority or warmth to the timbre. I believe the chosen dry, aged (40 years) maple is partly responsible, and I use a copper wound Aquila 180D  on 4 th course.
On show was also the latest 7-course lute in maple, one 6- course lute, a smaller baroque guitar and the colascione. It is so nice to hear my instruments played and receive comments and feedback on the sound and playability. Thanks to all those who visited my stand!  At the concerts we heard Thomas Schoofs Melheim playing my new baroque guitar accompanying Kristin Janset, recorder. They are part of the ensemble  "Biobarokk"  search:  @biobarokk.
At the evening concert we heard Vegard Lund playing wonderful solo pieces for theorbe, archlute and medieval lute. All instruments by me.  Vegard is playing on many CDs here:
I had the pleasure to meet my last customer, a young student and give him his new 7 -course lute. It will be up on my website soon with photos and soundtrack. 
To inspire young people I did as I have already done in Trondheim and Bergen, I simply pass on a lute to a dedicated young person on loan.  In some years I am sure they will either buy one or build their own! That is how it started for me,....  I finish off the photos with a shot of  Trond Bengtson as he play on my new baroque guitar. Trond has his own youtubechannel

All photos by:  Maria Molden