I want to find out how good this vihuela from 1994 can be with a new soundboard. The result will be presented at the exhibition in Lübeck next week.  https://de-de.facebook.com/luebeckerlautenlust/
We know old lute bodies were appreciated by the musicians in the past and renewed with new soundboard, bars and necks. In my case I found out the soundboard had to be tinned further down in my search for the right timbre. As it turned out I decided to store the soundboard untouched and made a  new one out of seasoned 2010  spruce from Ciresa, a company in Val di Femme.  Bars are split from Ciresa viola billets.  I complete my new soundboard with a parchment rose and my new bridge design, inspired by the Quito Vihuela in Equador and the Stradivarius guitar! Yes, the acoustics of the light flexible Stradivarius bridge will suit this instrument well - I think.  In 1994 I was inspired by the book by Ian Woodfield " The early History of the viol".  His seminal work has inspired many makers and researchers to  unveil interesting facts about  Vihuela and Viola da mano. Details in the construction resembles what we  find in the later baroque guitars, and the contemporary Italian Lira and Viola de arco. My next Vihuela should take this new knowledge more into account than I managed in my early career - stay  tuned!