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Thanks to Rolf Lislevand and Tor Harald Johnsen for inspiring conversation and feedback!  I am working hard to make the guitar I dream of and hopefully what the demanding musician look and listen for too. 
Today I got the right daylight to get the pictures I wanted.  This guitar is now sold and I start soon to make a new one. The Stradivarius  models I make are in flamed maple like the originals and I got 6 more sets of old stock material  to build a special group of the Hill,  Sabionari and slightly smaller Rawlins model.  Some musicians tune the top string of the bigger  Hill and Sabionari  (sl74cm) copies to d, a whole tone lower than the more common "e".  My Rawlins  ( a= 415) You see in this link is tuned to "e" . This guitar is the same I had on show in Oslo. Thomas S. Melheim played a short concert on it. Back in Bergen the guitar got finished, new rosewood (upcycled) pegs  and a new nut with slightly  closer spacing within the pairs of strings.  I am always open for new idéas, knowledge and inspiration to improve my art. The original instruments are an important source of knowledge, but to fully understand  the unique concept  of 17 th century "guitar"  nothing beats playing the instrument yourself an listening to the masters. To see all the pictures follow this link: /lutes/11-course-lute     NB :  Musicians in  Denmark and North Germany:  Visit  the festival Lübecker Lautenlust , june 14- 16 I will have a stand there with my instruments.