Photos of people with my instruments in Basel.

From the top: Helena Raposo, Thomas Boysen, Nigel North, Mariana Santos, Yours Truly with/ Helena Raposo, Adrian Blanco, Paul Beier, Mikiya Kaisho,  Inês Wilton Trindade, Silas Bischoff, Nuno Miranda,  me in discussion with Luthier Martin Sheperd.
Lute aficionado, Vieux Gaultier expert, adept  Eirik Vie!
My friend and colleague Milan Barbè from Belgium had his stand next to mine.  We made the "Des Moulins" lute together in 2021. Milan had on show several instruments, among them a copy of a twin baroqueguitar.
In sept. -22 I displayed five instruments at the Basel Lute Days in Switzerland. This exhibition as well as lectures and concerts took place at the Schola Cantorum Baseliensis, the "home" of the lute revival, lutemusic- and research in performing practice.  
The instrument exhibition was organized by the German Lute Society and located in a fairly big room at the "Schola" during 2 days of  the conference.