A 10K EUR grant from The Arts Council of Norway  allowed me to go in depth on baroque instruments again and give something in return to society by hosting a very talented young man for some weeks.
This project,  we call it The Des Moulins lute project is part of  a bigger project concerning the German theorbo in d minor sans chanterelle tuning.  More later on this.
Milan is a  student at 1. Master Lutherie, School of Arts Ghent, Belgium. On receiving his  request for internship I found it appropriate to give Milan a task before accepting and he did make a really fine and useful construction drawing with some assistance from the Museum staff in Paris. This is the only lute we may for certain attest to the Paris luthier Jean Des Moulins, aknowledged in his time, mentioned in an interesting passage in the Mary Burwell Lute Tutor, one of the best sources for our knowledge of playing the so called "baroque lute" . We made, and signed the lute together in some weeks beside working on the German theorbo project.