My latest production of tuning pegs for the baroque guitars.
Working outside in the april sun, I put my grandfather Erling´s  turning lathe into service.  When making pegs for guitars it makes sense to use a copying lathe like the one you see here,  since all the pegs on the instrument are of the same size.  I  put a lot of effort in making my tuning pegs and have always used stable, well matured wood for the task. For my most expensive instruments I use pegs of my own production. The last days I have made about 30 pegs from recycled rosewood. (Table legs from the -70ties). The rosewood batches are identified and registered with batch number and photo .  I also made a set out of my last old supply of boxwood from 1990. The pieces were actually leftowers from a flute maker, too short for his instruments but perfrct for my job! Theese will go into one of the next  Stradivarius "Hill" I am about to start making.  Here you see the start of the process, the next step is flattening the head, shaping the peg shaft to the right 1:30 taper,  buffing with bees wax before the pegs are fitted carefully to the instrument to ensure fast and efficient tuning.