I finished the first set of tuning pegs for my Stradivarius baroque guitars.
My new focus on baroque guitar making has inspired me to find a model for the tuning pegs that has the elegance and baroque style that do the instruments justice.  Based on a photo of the " Sabionari" guitar    http://www.sabionari.com/Home.html , I made a cad drawing and came up with the model you see here.  The shape is my personal interpretation.  As we all know from experience those small Pegs are cruxial to sucsess in tuning on stage. I have made many pegs, used many pegs,  my own and others.  Now;  after a rethinking of the whole process of making them I came up with this. The Brazilian rosewood is "upcycled"  -70 ties furniture. Pegs are seldom original on the old instruments and may express a different style than the instrument itself.  Pegs on the "Hill" and "Rawlings" are thought to be later replacements. The origin of the "Sabionari " pegs I have not found out  - yet. Anyway, I think they represent a  balanced aproach to the beauty of the Stradivarius guitars without stealing the show!